Terry Williams

Terry has had the honor of working with Olympic gold medalists and professional athletes, but most enjoys applying what he has learned at the elite level to reach back and influence the common fitness enthusiasts. Terry believes that all people possess the capability to “live at world class” and seeks to be an inspirational vessel of life change. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from the University of Texas at Austin, a Master’s Degree in Health and Human Performance from The University of Houston, and a Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification from the NSCA, Terry combines his passion in the areas of fitness and media to impact the City of Houston and spread the message of wellness internationally with a broader social voice. Terry has been a professional nutrition writer for LIVESTRONG.com, a video personality for Quincy Jones’ fitness media group FeelRich, and is currently a featured personality in radio and television within the Houston market. Terry lives what he teaches, and he created our exclusive PAC(K) Training program from his personal workouts and those used with his athletes.

Co-Founder and Lead Instructor, The League

Ashley Williams

Ashley handles business operations and strategic planning at The League. Before pursuing entrepreneurship, Ashley worked in business development with start-up companies in Houston and Austin. Ashley launched her career as an Investment Banking Analyst in the Global Healthcare and Latin America groups at Barclays Capital. Ashley focused on equity capital markets, performing technical, market-based analytics and equity transaction execution for clients. During her time in New York, Ashley executed a total of 15 transactions for global clients. Ashley graduated with a Finance and International Business degree from the University of Texas at Austin, where she and Terry met (Hook ‘Em!).

Co-Founder and COO, The League

Arianna Alanis

Born in McAllen, TX and raised in Jersey Village, Arianna Alanis is an H-town girl through and through. She loves to "put on her for city" any chance she gets and you can find her cheering on her home teams, the 'stros, Rockets, Houston Texans and Dynamo! Ari graduated with her MBA in 2016 and is a constant encourager to everyone around her. "Stay positive, believe in yourself and dream big!", that's her motto. Most days you can find her at the noon or 5:30 pm PAC(K) class at The League. She loves her coffee (don't give her too much). Her dance moves are mind blowing (she has a good heart) and this girl can sing the house down (like for real). Need we say more?! Of course! She's good with power tools, she paints and draws and is just all around a talented human being. If you see her out and about, make sure to say hello and ask for a hug, she gives the best ones! 

Instructor, The League

Dom Anderson

Dom joined The League in 2015 and loves being part of a dynamic team that helps our fitness family grow through knowledge, challenge and learning. Dom has been a competitive athlete for most of his life. In high school, his love for football helped him earn a scholarship to Lon Morris College where he played football competitively. As a PAC(K) Training Certified Instructor and Youth Exercise Specialist, Dom has trained pro athletes across the board, including football and MMA. In his spare time, Dom enjoys giving back by coaching Little League sports and spending time with his beautiful wife and three lovely children. Dom is passionate about helping you achieve your best. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or new to fitness, Dom wants to help you gain more confidence as you achieve your goals!

Instructor, The League

Tia Simon

Tia visited The League for the first time in 2015 and has been hooked ever since. The culture, people, music and constant encouragement keep her coming back for more. She recently lost over 50 pounds and is feeling better than ever! Tia graduated with her MBA in 2015 from Sam Houston State University. She’s a North Houston native and loves her city! As a PAC(K) Training certified instructor, Tia hopes to help others build self-confidence and muscles! No matter how your day was, she wants you to leave class feeling amazing, accomplished and sweaty! Tia looks forward to serving the League community that has done so much for her over the years.

Instructor, The League

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"The League has helped me drop over 100 lbs in a short amount of time. It changed my life! So much motivation in there. No other place I'd rather be!" -Steve G.


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